Event description

The Conference aims at tackling the use of international arbitration by the banking and financial sectors. Recent years

have brought about notable evolution and transformations in the banking and financial sectors and patterns of disputes

have also changed. The Conference intends to address and tackle this transformation and increased use of arbitration,

with feedback from all stakeholders in the banking and financial sectors on:

1- How and to what extent is arbitration being used?

2- In which disputes?

3- How arbitration can help resolve banking and financial disputes in sector specific areas such as  PPPs and Islamic

finance related disputes?

Event aims and objectives

• Shed light on the specificities and intricacies of Banking and Financial Transactions and Disputes.

• Discuss the actual and potential use of international arbitration to resolve banking and financial disputes.

• Identify market trends and perspectives on the use of international arbitration in banking and finance sectors.

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